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DIX: Wörterbuch Deutsch - Spanisch - Englisch
Forum, Online, English, Language, Dictionary, Translation, Spanish, German, Interpretation, Vocabulary Trainer, Dix, Practice Vocabulary
Langtolang Multilingual Dictionary
Language, Translation services, Dictionary, Translation, Spanish, German, Online dictionary, Language translation, Italian, Russian, Foreign languages, Languages, Translator, Translate, Convert, Turkish, Dictionaries, Localization, Linguistics, Translating
Shioura Foreign Language Consultancy and Translation and Interpretation Agency
Software, Foreign language, Translation, Strategic planning, Worldwide, Technical, Language services, Software testing, Localization, Globalization, Translators, Interpretation, Localisation
Language, Dictionary, Translation, Glossary, Language Services, Localization, Interpretation, Linguistics, Terminology, Translation Tool
Dictionary Definitions, Sentence Examples, Synonyms and More.
Language, Dictionary, Translation, Translator, Translate, Language Course, Glossary, Grammar, Dictionaries, Definition, Translators, Definitions, Acronyms, Glossaries, Websters Dictionary, Dictionarys, Pronounciation, Dictinoary
Wordfast Ltd.
Translation, Localization, Translation tools, Interpretation, Memory tool
Linguistics, Language and Translation Training at the European Training Programme
Development, Language, Bible, Dictionary, Translation, Ausbildung, Mission, Field, Dictionnaire, Traduction, Developpement, Literacy, Anthropology, Langue, Linguistics, Minority, Anthropologie, Linguistique, Sil, Cross-Cultural
Real Academia Española
Language, Dictionary, Spain, España, Spanish, Dictionaries, Diccionario, Linguistics, Lengua, Española, Corpus, Gramática, Ortografía, Lingüística, Lexicography, Español Espanol, Lexicografía, Espanola
Wear & Tear
Mobile phones, Life insurance, Insurance company, Stress management, Cruise ships, International network, Construction jobs, Research tool, Social_Work, World population, Mt everest, Morse code, Memory improvement, Tamil language